New York City Catering

New York City Catering Services

Our group at Majestic Food Service has built up our association as a best New York City Kosher caterer. what makes us different, we give quality Kosher food and service delivery without yielding on appearance or taste. 

Many parties and get-togethers call for cooking, particularly the choice nourishment and administration we give. We give a New York City kiddish like nobody else. Our events are magnificent, lets look at the sorts of occasions we oblige, all while holding fast to the ever-imperative Torah law when the occasion calls for it. 

New York City Weddings 

Weddings are one of our claims to fame. We heat succulent cakes and brighten them with whatever our clients crave, and securely transport them to gathering areas. 

New York City Bar and Bat Mitzvahs 

Transitioning is an imperative part of each Jewish child's life. All things considered, each boy and girl needs their Bar or Bat Mitzvah to have wide spreads of food, fun activities, and memorable entertainment. We meet the individual needs of our clients, facilitating in vogue, up-to-speed bar and bat mitzvahs for even the pickiest of parents. 

New York City Corporate Events 

Corporate occasions can secure new representatives, merchant contracts, and positive press notices on the off chance that they're advantageous occasions. Our catering company can oblige extensive events, private ventures, and each size in the middle. We cater events to remember that fill everyone's bellies.

New York City Bris Celebrations 

A celebration isn't finished without providing food. Our spreads of bagels, lox, whitefish, pasta, sweets and more will wow your loved ones for a considerable length of time.

Quality is always our number 1 concern!

Providing unmatched quality of food, drink, and experiences at these four social gatherings has solidified our organization as a top New York City Caterer. If you need us to bring the event to you or if you want us to cater in another location, either way, we can provide excellent food and service. We're certain to offer unforgettable experiences to our clients, we hope you're next.
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